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"Don't Catch It, Shrink It: What to Do and Say When Your Child's Anxiety is Trying to Take Over"

When your child is gripped with anxiety, it is easy to let the waves take over, and get caught in anxiety yourself.  Most well-informed parents have a good understanding that anxiety is a product of our time, but what do you actually do to help your child when they are caught in it? In this presentation, you will learn what to think and say to survive and shrink your child's anxious moments, while not  catching the anxiety yourself. You will learn a simple framework to better understand anxiety and how it behaves, including the basic tricks anxious thinking will use against you. Then, you will learn some effective strategies to use in the moment, to shrink anxiety and free your child's rational thinking.  After attending this presentation, you will have have a better understanding of what to do and say so that your child's anxiety doesn't have to take over your home.

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