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Health Insurance

I do not bill insurance companies directly, and am not contracted with any insurance company. I am an "out of network" provider for nearly all local insurance companies. Payments are due at the time of service.  I will provide you with a detailed receipt that you can use to request reimbursement from your health insurance company. Your health insurance company may not reimburse you for payments made to me.

Some health insurance plans, especially PPO plans, may reimburse you for payments to me. I urge you to contact your health insurance company, using the phone number on the back of your insurance card, to determine the eligibility, requirements, and limits for reimbursement. If you do not have out of network benefits, you likely will not be be reimbursed by your insurance provider, though you may be able to negotiate this with your insurance provider.

Numbers that your insurance company may request to determine benefits:
My NPI: 1992904809
CPT: Therapy: 90847 90846 or 90834    


90791 96136 96137 96132 96133

MA License #: 8699

Fees and Payment

The fee for the intake appointments is $300.   The fee for therapy and consultations is $250 per sixty minute session. Therapy payments are due at the time of the session. The fee for a Neuropsychological evaluation is $4200, which includes the testing, feedback appointment, and final report. (Participation in subsequent meetings, such as IEP meetings, are an additional fee.)  For assessments, one half the assessment fee is due at the time the assessment commences, and the remainder is due at the final feedback session. Payment is the responsibility of the client; checks made payable to Dr. Nora Shine. 

Helpful Resources

Mass Legal Help:  Private Insurance and Mental Health

Massachusetts Psychological Association: Resources

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